Thursday, June 13, 2013

My bra story


     The first bra I owned was a  training bra in 3rd grade, my mom noticed little spuds and decided it was time for me to have a bra. At the age of 14 I was in a 32C. Living in a small town it was quite hard to find bras in my size. There were only two places at the time were you could find bras Wal-Mart and Gottschalks . The Gottschalks where I lived sold DKNY who carried my size. So at the age of 14 I was wearing those sexy lace balcanette bras from them . I was exited that I got to have bras that were very grown up, at the same time it was very upsetting to go into a store knowing that they didn't have any super cute bras that most girls my age were wearing.
   My bra struggle didn't start until after I was done nursing my son . This is where my bra story really  started.

( 32DD ck bra that I wore while pregnant/starting to breastfeed)
Besty Johnson 32D
After my son was done breast feeding I noticed that my bras were ripped because of the washer that was in our apt. For my 19th birthday I asked my dad if he would take me to Nordstrom Rack to get some bras, he said yes and suggested going to Ross because that's were his wife bought all her bras. I told him that don't sell mine size there. The look on his face was priceless when I told him what size I was wearing, you could see the embarrassment on his face. He took me to Nordstrom Rack, bra fitter had me take my shirt off, looked at my bra and said oh my the back is riding up and there are holes in the band you are not wearing the correct size. She sized me and said I was 32D, little did she know that the poorly fitted bra I was wearing was the same size talk about a fail. I went out and looked for some bras, I picked out 3 one was a Betsy Johnson, a Wocoal and I can't remember what the other on was at all it completely escapes my mind. I tried all of them on and they seem to fit from what I could tell. When I was walking out of the dressing room my poor dad had been looking for me, he handed me money and said here pay for them and I will be waiting in the car for you. You could tell that he was embarrassed that I was holing bras in my hand when he gave me the money. My favorite was the Wocoal because it had massive padding, I'm talking vs miraculous padding, I loved it because it made me feel like I had boobs that looked good.

After a while I was frustrated with the bras I had bought well that my dad bought for me. The Betsy Johnson one did nothing for my breast and made me feel like my breast were small due to the lack of support. My mom pointed out that my breast were popping out of the Wocoal bra. I decided to order some bras online from Victoria's Secret since you know they are the bra god's and seem to know what boobs should look like . I bought a pink polka dot demi not sure what the name was and a cotton bra that was nothing special. Once the bras came once again there was disappointment, the cotton bra just like the Betsy bra did nothing at all and made me look flat. The pink bra barely covered me and the straps were very thin. I decided that I needed a push up bra and needed to be resized.
    I headed off  to Nordstrom the lady measured me and came back with a 32 C. This is what I told her "32 C, I wore that in high school my boobs are popping out of my 32D how in the world do you expect me to fit into it when a D doesn't even fit". She told me to just try it on and that I measured at a 32D but that they didn't have any bras in my size. So she purposely brought me a bra knowing that it wouldn't fit me because it was all they had.

  After that I went to the Victoria's Secret store, the lady who helped me was very nice. I told her that I have a son and have those mom boobs. She suggested that I try on the very sexy bra which all moms love . I did and loved how it made me look so I bought two.

Cleo Poppy 30DD
Cleo Juna 28E
 After a while I realized that I was having the same problem as all my other bras, straps hurting and the back riding up. While talking to my mom about it I realized my problem, the band that was to big for me. I told her that I measured myself and added 2 inches to the measurement , she had a cow and said no wonder why, you are adding to your measurement you don't do that.

  I looked online and ordered the figleaves just peachy oh those bras were the worst the itched all over and were so tight I couldn't stand them. I turned to fb and my mark mentor at the time suggested that I check out bravissimo. (January 2012 )I ordered 2 Cleo poppy bra's and a juna in a 30DD. After a while I realized that I made a mistake by ordering the 30 and that I needed a 28 instead. I had bought the 30 originally because I measured at a 29 and the places I looked at suggested going up to the closest size if you land on an odd number. (July 2012)(darcy and the nude whwre bought in oct 2012, just realized that while looking at the bravissimo account later)I went ahead and bought all 3 of the Juna bras in a 28E , they were the perfect fit. For the first time since high school I actually loved my boobs didn't feel like I needed a push up bra because I felt so supported in them.

If you have read my post about bras you will notice that I now wear a 28F , now you may think you were just saying how the 28E was perfect for you which is true and I would still be wearing that size if my boobs wouldn't of grown. I am very happy that I'm finally wearing bras that fit and have become obsessed with buying bras.

Just for fun here are my matching sets, one is missing because there seems to be a bra thief in my house


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