Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My first Comexim bra!

   Since becoming a FF+ girl I have found myself very frustrated with bra wire width. My wires should not extend past my breast tissue. I'll be nice and not mention names of the specific brands that are frustrating me.
I had always been interested in trying Comexim and Ewa because I had heard that their bands run tighter with narrow wires. The fact that they are made in Poland made me not want to order from either company. I hate dealing with shipping over seas and having to ship back if the bra(s) don't fit.

  When searching on amazon one day I found that Comexim was being sold there via Well Fitting. I was so excited and went to a bust friendly fb group for suggestions on what size to order.

  I ended up ordering the Nude Perfect Fit Bra in a 30HH. I was super excited that the shipping was free and no tax!  I ordered the bra May 15 and it wasn't supposed to be here until June 23 ( my birthday ! I'll be 23, yay for golden birthday ).  When I checked my amazon account June 9 to see if the bra had been shipped out with tracking info I was very excited to see that it was in transit to my house.

  The bra arrived in a pink bubble envelope which made me super happy, because I mean it's pink ! When I opened the package and saw the green tissue that the bra was wrapped in, it made my day. ( Back in high school my room was bright pink and lime green. ) After taking the bra out, I thought this is not going to fit me I'm going to have to return it. To my surprise When I tried the bra on it fit perfectly !


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Maurices Haul and try on's March 2014

I went to Maurices , I wanted to get some new tank tops and cardigans, I also wanted to try a few things on that I kinda wanted. I ended up buying the cardigan in 3 colors, scoop neck tank in 6 colors (a girl can never have too many tank tops, they are bust friendly, I wear a small and measure 36 standing), and the black ponte skirt. I didn't like the cinch waist on the mixed dot dress, the material on the maxi skirt was thinner than I thought it would be and I didn't like the feel of it. It was also very long on my ( I'm short , 5'3)

$44 Mixed dot print dress with belt , size small 

$20 Pull on ponte skater skirt, sixe xs
$15 Solid scoop neck Azalea, size small

$32 Multi stripe maxi skirt, size small
$15 Solid scoop neck Blue grass, size small
$29 3/4 Sleeve button front cardigan Dubarry , size small

$20 3/4 Sleeve button front size small 

$15 Solid scoop neck tank , size small
Colors start with top left:
Vibrant coral , Azalea, Bird of paradise,
Ceramic, Blue grass, Surf the web blue.
I tried my best to get true to color pictures,
 the vibrant coral is more of a neon vibrant coral.

My measurments 
Waist 28

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus

Having curly hair can be a hard expensive life 

 We spend who knows how much money trying out new products to see if they work for us. We go through bottles and bottles of our products every year because of how much product we need in our hair on a daily basis. Whether you decide to straighten or go natural there in a lot of product that goes in our hair. 

  If you are anything like me you use a leave in conditioner, curl cream, and  serum/frizz spray. The products that I have used lately cost around $90 without tax for the 3 things that I need. Because of how much my current products are costing I decided to try out the Shea Moisture line that is available at my local walgreens. I am very happy that I picked up their products they do everything they say that they do. The products cut my frizz down, moisturize my dry hair, and add shine.

Curl & Shine Conditioner- Moisturizes and makes detangling easy.

Curl & Style Milk- Lightweight with a lotion texture, makes detangleing my hair easy.

Curl Enhancing Smoothie- Consistency and texture of a hair mast or body butter , defines and holds curls without weighing my hair down or making it look oily. If you do use too much of it you will get that weighed down greasy look.

Hold & Shine Moisture Mist - Adds shine to my hair and that's about it , I don't notice it doing much else but that.

Since using these products I have noticed :
Less breakage when I brush my hair 
Less knots 
Softer hair with no residue

All products are free of : 
Propylene Glycol 
Mineral oil 
Synthetic Fragrance
Synthetic Color 
Animal Testing

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dear freya

I just received my brand new 28G nude deco today it fits wonderfully but it looks a tad bit small. I am writing this blog post "Dear Freya" hoping that they somehow will come across it and think about expanding the sizes to above a GG. 
If you are a deco fan above a GG please comment with your size to let them  know that they have fans who want bigger sizes in the deco.

Dear Freya I am a huge fan of your deco line. I bought my first deco because of a review from a fellow blogger. I love your bras (I have like 7 of them all in Different size and colors).
  I love the thick straps, cleavage, uplift, support , and shape that it gives me .

I have a couple problems though

1.) My breast seem to grow every 6 months , my first deco was a 28 F now I am in a 28G. My problem is that your decos stop at a GG. If my breast keep growing at this rate soon I will size out of your deco bras that I love so much.

I know my growing breast are not your fault its either me eating too much, my bc, or my breast are not fully developed.

  There are a ton of people who love the deco and have sized out, but they continue to stuff themselves into the way to small deco because they love the bra.

2.) It seems that the bigger the cup size the flimsier the cup, my G breast need a lot more support than my old F ones did.

So please Freya will you expand your deco to go above a GG and possibly also offer bands in a 26 there are woman out there who need a smaller band than a 28.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

November beauty buys

I have no excuse as to why it's taken me so long to put this november beauty buys up, the fact is I've been slacking , a lot .... Bad bad me, over the next month I plan on writing reviews for all of the products that I have purchased.

                  Hair care

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Holiday Set 
I am a huge fan of Macadamia Natural Oil and could not
 pass up this amazing deal

Giovanni 50:50 conditioner 
I found this at TJ Maxx, whenever I find Giovanni
shampoo or conditioner there I always pick it up
because is so much cheaper there
Moroccan Oil serum 
Macadamia Natural Oil Reviving Curl Cream
                         Pacifica cosmetics
Pacifica Solar Pallete
I was really excited when I ordered this pallet...I do like it but I don't love
it the products are not as pigmented as I was hoping they would be 

Pacifica orange Tuscan blood set


Thursday, November 14, 2013

October beauty buys

 Well October is now over, over the month of October I did buy a lot of beauty products so I decided that it's time for another monthly beauty buys post. I've been trying my very best not to buy beauty products unless they are an absolute need (yes some beauty products I do need)/I really want this now.

Zuzu Luxe Makeup :  

Chick nail polish:
1. Base coat 

2. Top coat 
3. Hen house
4. Rocker chick

1. Moroccan oil styling cream

All products were bought by me. My local Co-Op sells Zuzu Luxe and Chick for a lower than what the websites list. They also had all Zuzu Luxe products for an extra 20% off when I bought them.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Maurices Micki Boots

  I took a trip to the mall today hoping to find a pair of cute boots that wouldn't hurt my feet. I had bunion surgery a while ago and had to get the screws taken out in the past year, so my feet are a bit swollen still. Swollen feet make it kinda hard to find cute shoes since most are too tight.

  I stopped by Maurices since it's my favorite store and of course Maurices didn't let me down. 
  These beautiful Micki Double Buckle Boots come in black,brown, and gray. My local store only has them in black and brown,they are buy one get one 50% off at the moment, of course I bought them in both colors available. 

Mine are in a 7 1/2.

They're a slouchy fauxe suede boot with two buckles and a side zipper. 
The brown pair have a copper colored buckle and the black ones are silver tone

They do have some traction, not sure how well they will do in snow.